Edwards and the Point of Musical Worship

Here is another great quote that I could not pass up posting. It’s from his Religious Affections, arguably one of the top five best and most difficult books I have ever read.


And the duty of singing praises to God seems to be appointed wholly to excite and express religious affections. No other reason can be assigned why we should express ourselves to God in verse, rather than in prose, and do it with music but only, that such is our nature and frame, that these things have a tendency to move our affections.


Oh, that our churches would be full of believers this weekend who desire to have true religious affections excited and expressed! May they be led by worship pastors who want and pray for the same thing.


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  1. Lange Patrick

    good word my friend!

  2. I wonder if there might be a potential connection between Edwards’ quote here and C.S. Lewis’ point that we praise what we love because it completes our enjoyment/satisfaction of it.

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