Sovereign Grace Music – Behold Our God

If you are singing any new, Gospel-centered worship music, chances are you are singing a song or two from Sovereign Grace Music. Their team of writers continues to create new songs for the church to sing. One of the best that I have heard is called “Behold Our God,” from the newest album Risen. Here is the link:

This past Sunday, our team introduced this to our congregation. To say that it caught on would be an understatement. It has become a new favorite already.


Enjoy! Worship!



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  1. This song would be good for Christmas “blended” with “O Come Let Us Adore Him.”

    • Good idea – we are likely doing this one for the big Christmas service on Dec 11. Hadn’t thought about putting those two together – that’s a great idea.


  2. Ryan and Kathleen Hanley

    Dr. Joslin,

    The Hanleys certainly appreciated this song. Let’s sing it a million times.

    • Ryan,

      Psst…don’t say anything, but we are closing the service this Sunday with this song. I can’t wait. It’s a single-service Sunday, so it’s going to be full…and awesome. Please pray for the service, Dr. Cook, and the congregation. I am hoping it’s a great day of worship.


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