I am Associate Professor of Christian Theology at Boyce College (www.boycecollege.com) in Louisville, KY, which is the undergraduate school of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. I am also the worship pastor at Ninth and O Baptist Church (www.naobc.org), husband to Jessica, and father to Haddon, Carson, Elisabeth, and Mary.

I Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/barryjoslin

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  1. Stacey Smith Thomason

    Long time no see Barry Joslin! Just thought I’d say Hi. After seeing Denny and Susan in Dallas I had to drop you a line as well. My husband Stan and I live in the big town of Choudrant–can you believe I’m still around these parts??? We love to get to Dallas every chance we get. We are faithful online listeners of Matt Chandler at The Village Church and get in a visit every chance we can. It was good to talk with Denny and Susan and catch up briefly on how the old crew is doing. You’ll find it interesting that both Val and Paulette have visited recently. They are both doing well. It looks like you’re doing what God created you to do–take care and maybe we’ll see ya around sometime.

  2. Hey Dr. Joslin,
    Just came across your blog address and wanted to say hello. I don’t think I have seen you since I played w/ the Gettys in chapel. Hope your year is going well. Oddly enough, I miss your class as well as the whole Boyce setting. I have been doing lots of free lance drumming lately and hope to settle down soon and come back to Southern to do some MDiv work.
    Take care,
    John Martin
    Frankfort, Ky.
    ps: Read your blog about being “in love w/ Jesus”…I agree completely. I believe it is one of the reasons many men are turned off with the church today. Just an opinion. And btw…I am glad to hear you are not “in love” w/ Dr. Mohler. : )

  3. Dr. J,
    lets see more about how we worship X in our daily lives as a father, husband, prof and worship leader. How are we to worship in these areas centered in the word as it pans out in daily living??

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